Application of impurity removal equipment in sugarcane planting


Pain points of sugarcane planting:

Combine harvester:

1. Defects such as large loss, high impurity content (including sediment), many broken stems, and poor perennial seedling emergence.

2. Contains a large amount of sediment impurities . It can easily cause wear and tear on sugar mill pressing equipment, increase the failure rate, reduce sugar quality and sugar yield, and increase sugar production costs.

3. Affected by the ban on burning sugarcane leaves and the high incidence of extreme weather, the residual eggs on the surface and on the sugarcane leaves cannot be effectively removed. Sugarcane diseases and insect pests such as smut and borers occur frequently, resulting in slow emergence and low emergence rate. , lack of plants and monopolization, seriously affecting yields.

Manual harvest:

1. Using manual cutting of sugar cane is highly labor -intensive . Sugar companies in our region crush 580,000 tons of sugar cane every day. Based on an average of 1 ton per person per day, the region needs 580,000 people to cut sugar cane in the fields every day.

2. Traditional manual cutting and harvesting accumulate a large number of sugarcane leaves in the field, which affects the effects of fertilization, pesticide application, and weeding, and increases the difficulty of field management and protection.


A complete set of sugarcane distributed harvesting equipment, which can achieve cutting, strip collection, sugarcane leaf separation, sugarcane collection and transportation through multiple steps.

The working process completes the sugarcane harvest. The auxiliary cutting machine harvests the entire sugarcane stem with low ratoon damage rate, ensuring the growth rate in the following year. The sugarcane harvested in whole stalks is piled and transported away, and no large amounts of sugarcane leaves are left on site to avoid causing diseases. Sugarcane is concentrated and processed with step-by-step impurity removal equipment.

Corresponding to each link of distribution, we develop whole-pole sugarcane cutters, sugarcane stackers, and sugarcane strippers.Leaf machine, sugarcane transfer machine, sugarcane impurity remover.The total power of the sugarcane impurity removal machine is 60KW, operating production Rate up to 30 tons/hour.

Application of impurity removal equipment in sugarcane planting


Application of impurity removal equipment in sugarcane planting

Application of impurity removal equipment in sugarcane planting