Sugar cane cultivation

Step-by-step sugarcane harvesting equipment

Faced with the situation of high loss rate and high impurity content of sugarcane combine harvesters, we provide a step-by-step solution from sugarcane cutting, field stacking, field collection and transfer, centralized leaf stripping, and loading and transportation.


Sugar cane cultivation



Sugarcane cutting auxiliary machine

A self-propelled sugarcane cutting auxiliary machine with a profiling cutterhead. The cutterhead can automatically imitate the height of the sugarcane row and continue to advance close to the ground and cut the sugarcane flatly, ensuring that the sugarcane cutting height is consistent. The total loss rate of sugarcane harvesting is ≤2%, and the ratoon damage rate is ≤10%. The laying angle is 90°±20°, the root difference is ≤300mm, the operation efficiency is ≥1.8 acres/hour, the germination rate in the second year is ≥90%, and it is suitable for sugarcane planting row spacing greater than 1.1 meters.



Sugarcane field collector

Can be lifted. Rated loading capacity 300KG, maximum lifting height 3.9m, production efficiency ≥80 tons/day (8 hours)

Sugar cane collecting fork machine

Cannot be lifted. Rated loading capacity 1000KG, production efficiency ≥80 tons/day (8 hours)


Collection and transfer

Sugarcane field collection and handling machine

The preferred work tool for transporting on complex road conditions, it can work in hilly, sloping and muddy working environments. The bending steering has a small turning radius and makes working on small plots more efficient. Driving in both forward and reverse directions, saving manpower. High operating efficiency, loading capacity ≥60 tons/8 hours. It is equipped with an environmentally friendly diesel engine, with a fuel consumption of 1.5~1.8 yuan/ton of sugarcane, large torque, four-wheel drive, strong off-road performance, double handle compound action, and a snatch cycle of 15 seconds.


Peeling leaves and removing impurities

Sugarcane impurity removal equipment

1. High efficiency. The working hour productivity is high and it can operate 24 hours a day.

2. Low cost, power 60KW, including the feeding platform, a total of 64KW, supporting transformer with small capacity and low power consumption. Equipment investment cost and operating cost are low.

3. Easy to maintain. Full motor drive, mechanical transmission, simple structure and easy operation.

4. Low impurity content. Two long-distance impurity removal channels, plus two large wind impurity removal systems.

5. Fully feed and reduce labor intensity.



Shanlong series HL504 hilly mountain tractor articulated platform field transfer machine

Modular design concept realizes function switching through modular switching combination, making one machine multi-purpose. Articulated steering, small turning radius of only 5000mm, and load capacity of 4000kg. The transmission has full gear shifting and the cab is spacious.

The company has developed the latest transfer products. The new product can transfer whole-pole sugar cane. The trailer can be changed into a carriage. The rollover type can be used with impurity removal equipment for transfer operations. The dual drive structure design of front and rear axle wheel speed reduction has excellent climbing ability and good passability.

The entire set of equipment works in two shifts (16 hours) a day, with a sugarcane processing capacity of 200 tons/day.


Sugar cane cultivation