Tangerine Plantation

Difficulties in planting:

Most citrus trees are planted in hilly or mountainous land forms. Uneven planting roads lead to poor pass-ability of supporting machinery and equipment for citrus production, which makes mechanized planting more difficult to a certain extent.


And because in citrus growing areas, the rainfall in the rainy season is generally more than 800 mm, which will not only cause muddy roads and make it difficult for machinery and equipment to pass normally, but the relatively humid air will also accelerate the rust rate of citrus planting mechanized equipment, causing mechanical equipment to appear. The probability of failure increases and may even cause irreversible damage to mechanical equipment.


In the early stages of the citrus planting process, ensuring the effective survival rate of citrus saplings is a very important link. According to past experience, planting citrus at too high a density will cause competition between saplings for light and soil nutrients, leading to the failure of citrus saplings. Overall growth is poor.



Introduce citrus planting machinery and standardize the planting density of citrus. During the planting process, we will build mechanical roads and mechanize weeding to improve the efficiency of weeding. Using machinery for more scientific fertilization and spraying can increase citrus yield and quality. Huili hilly mountain tractors are specially designed for the narrow spacing between planting rows and the steep slope of the planting terrain.

Tangerine Plantation TractorTangerine Plantation TractorTangerine Plantation Tractor