HUILI Mountain Dragon

HUILI Mountain Dragon

The steep terrain tractor is designed for transportation scenarios with complex road conditions. The twist-and-turn function of hillside tractors allows the wheels to keep all four wheels on the ground in real time on uneven road conditions.


Features of tractor for steep terrain

• The use of a portal axle allows the hilly terrain tractor to have a higher ground clearance to avoid being trapped.

• Four-wheel drive and differential locks allow trapped vehicles to be quickly freed.

• The reverse driving function makes it easier to observe during operation and improves operation efficiency.

• The closed air brake system prevents mud, water and sand from entering and ensures safety.


The compact steep hills tractor is designed for transportation in different scene. The palm tractor has been widely used in palm gardens. Good structure makes perfom well in complex road situation. Not only the palm garden, but also the forestry and sugarcane field.

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