50HP hilly mountain palm garden wheeled tractor equipped with transport function module scissor lift grab handle self-unloading function

The mountain tractor is designed for fully mechanized operations in hilly and mountainous agricultural fields, including land construction, plowing, planting, field management, harvesting, and transportation, among other functions.

Full product series include:

• Mountain Dragon Tractor : Designed for Complex Road Transport Scenarios

• Mountain Cow Tractor: Designed for Steep Slope Operations in Hilly Terrain

• Mountain Turtle Tractor: Designed for Muddy and Challenging Driving Conditions

• Mountain Deer Tractor: Designed for Muddy Roads and High Crop Farming Scenarios; Deer can transform into Cow through module switching.


Mountain tractor features:

1. Hillside tractor is equipped with a portal bridge that allows for adjusting the ground clearance by changing the position of the wheels to meet the specific operational requirements.

2. The mountain tractor from HUILI Machinery can be driven in both forward and reverse directions, allowing for the adjustment of the driving orientation based on the actual operational needs. This feature enhances the operational visibility and improves efficiency.

3. When necessary, the standard tractor's three-point suspension module can be switched to a long-wheelbase platform module.

4. Hillside tractors for sale can accommodate various functional modules such as irrigation equipment, fertilizer spreaders, and field transport modules, catering to a wider range of operational needs and resulting in greater economic benefits.

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