• 50HP hilly and mountainous wheeled tractor equipped with transfer function module grab

50HP hilly and mountainous wheeled tractor equipped with transfer function module grab

It is mainly used in field transfer of sugar cane planting and wood transfer in forest farms. The grab arm can rotate 360°, and the grab arm can be up to ten meters long. It can be controlled on both sides at the same time, with double output and flexible control.

Product Description

Whether navigating hilly terrains or mountainous landscapes, this 50 HP tractor for sale redefines efficiency and performance. Its versatile capabilities extend to specialized functions such as transferring sugar cane in vast fields and efficiently transporting wood in forest farms.

50 HP Tractor For Sale

50 horsepower tractors features:

• Robust Design: Built for rugged landscapes, this tractor for steep terrain boasts a durable construction and a robust 50HP engine, ensuring reliability and sustained performance in challenging terrains.

• Adaptive Functionality: Equipped with a transfer function module and a grab arm that rotates 360°, offering extensive reach of up to ten meters. With dual-side control, it enables flexible maneuverability for precision handling.

• Modular Concept: Incorporating a modular design, 50 horsepower tractors for sale combine a long-wheelbase platform module with power modules. Transformable to a three-point suspension module, 50 hp compact tractors easily convert to a standard tractor—the hallmark of our innovative Cattle series.


50 horsepower tractors applications:

• Sugar Cane Plantations: Facilitating seamless transfer and movement within expansive sugar cane fields, maximizing productivity during planting and harvest.

• Forestry Farms: Streamlining wood transportation tasks, optimizing forest farm operations by efficiently hauling wood across varied terrains.

• Versatile Utility: Adaptable to diverse farming needs, flexibility and robust features make 50 horse tractors a reliable asset in various agricultural settings, ensuring efficiency and productivity.

50HP hilly and mountainous wheeled tractor equipped with transfer function module grab

Engine the rated power KW/HP 36.8/50
Engine the ratedspeed r/min 2400
Engine structure type / Water-cool . 4 cylinders
steering / Full hydraulic articulated
Driving type / Four-wheel drive
Overall size (LxWxH) mm 6230x2100x2800
Wheelbase mm 1620
Wheeltrack ( front/back) mm 1350/1350
Minground dlearance mm 230
Min.turnning radius mm 5810
Gearbox / (4+4)x2
Speed range(forward/retreat) km/h 21439.56/1.90-24.95
Oil tank L 40
Tires Type / 12.5/80-18 8.25-16
Braking type / Air brake
Overall size (LxWxH) mm 3680x2100x2800
The rated payload kg 5000
Max. gabbing mass kg 150
Unloadinglength mm 1760
Max.grabbing heigth mm 5000
Curb weight kg 3200
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