• 50HP hilly mountain wheel tractor (504 model)

50HP hilly mountain wheel tractor (HL504G)

The 4 wheel drive compact tractor is independently developed and designed according to the concept of system engineering. It is a multi-purpose hilly mountain tractor composed of a main power module, a functional module and an attachment module.

Product Description

The prowess of these 4 wheel drive compact tractors lies in their adaptability, conquering hilly terrains and mountainous landscapes effortlessly. With an emphasis on maneuverability, these small four wheel drive tractors offer unparalleled performance in various agricultural and landscaping tasks.


4 Wheel Drive Compact Tractors Features:

• System Engineering Excellence: Crafted independently, the steep slope tractor embody the pinnacle of system engineering, ensuring superior functionality and performance.

• Modular Design: Comprising a main power module, a versatile functional module, and an attachment module, multi-purpose hilly mountain tractor enables seamless customization and adaptability for diverse tasks.

• 4-Wheel Drive: Engineered with robust 4-wheel drive capabilities, compact 4 wheel drive tractors offering enhanced traction and stability on challenging terrains, making it ideal for hilly and mountainous areas.

• Versatile Ground Clearance: With adaptable low ground clearance, these compact articulated hill tractors effortlessly navigate through greenhouse planting and orchards, ensuring flexibility in varied applications.


4 Wheel Drive Compact Tractors Applications:

• Agricultural Precision: Ideal for farming tasks, these articulated compact tractors efficiently plow, seed, and harvest across undulating terrains, ensuring maximum productivity.

• Landscaping Mastery: Perfectly suited for landscaping endeavors, these mountain tractors excel in tasks such as grading, trenching, and hauling, even in challenging hilly landscapes.

• Orchard and Greenhouse Maintenance: Tailored ground clearance allows seamless maneuvering within orchards and greenhouse environments, facilitating maintenance and harvesting operations.


Whole machine Overall size(L×W×H and part) mm 3900×1490×2135(TO the top of cab)
Type of driving / Four-wheeled drive
Wheelbase mm 1500
Min. Using mass kg 2130
Min.turning radius mm 3050
Min.ground clearance and part mm 225(Bottom of rear axle)
Power module Engine The rated power kW/HP 36.8/50
The rated speed r/min 2200
Transmission Gearbox(forward/back) / 8/2
The rated speed range(forward/back) km/h 1.71~28.04/2.07~10.81
Steering Type of steering / Articulated steering
Traveling Front wheel track mm 1130
Tires/numbers(front) / 10-16.5/2
Max. Climbing slope % 31.3(≈17.4°)
Functional module Traveling and Braking Rear wheel track mm 1130
Tires/numbers(rear) pic 10-16.5/2
Walking brake system / Closed air brake
Parking brake system / Air brake
Working device Hydraulic output / 1set or 2sets
PTO output spline / 8-38×32×6
The rated speed of PTO r/min 540/720/1000(single or dual)


Three types of cab

4 Wheel Drive Compact Tractors


Twist and bend 15°

4 Wheel Drive Compact Tractors


Modular concept display

4 Wheel Drive Compact Tractors


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